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The Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs (CAN) is a non-governmental organization. Our main tasks are to follow the drug trends in Sweden and to inform the public and educate professionals on alcohol and other drugs. We are mainly doing this by publishing national reports and surveys, running web sites for different target groups, publishing a periodical magazine, arranging trainings and conferences and through our library. CAN was founded in 1901 and we have 47 member organizations.

Our organization has representatives in all 21 regions in Sweden. The representatives have a good knowledge of the regional situation and a wide range of contacts in the drug prevention area. The regional representatives represent NGOs, regional authorities and municipalities.

CAN conducts a yearly nation-wide school survey on alcohol and other drugs among students in year nine and eleven. The results from the survey are published in a report called “Skolelevers drogvanor” (Alcohol and Drug Use Among Students). We also conduct regional and local school surveys upon requests from municipalities and regions.

CAN is also the coordinator of the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD), a study with data on more than 100 000 students.  The survey is conducted every four years. The most recent report is on 35 countries in 2007.

We also publish an annual report “Drogutvecklingen i Sverige” (Drug Trends in Sweden) with statistics on use, trade, seizures, injuries, mortality etc.

CAN:s library was founded in 1906 and is specialized on literature of alcohol and other drugs. The library gathers information in Swedish but has also a selection of information from other countries with emphasis on Nordic and English information. The library has access to special collections that cover Nordic temperance movement, posters, Swedish press articles from the last turn of the century and onwards. If you should have the opportunity to visit Stockholm we are open to the public and you are welcome to visit us. is a web site targeting teenagers and adults around them such as parents and teatchers. On the site you can find information on drugs, ask questions and participate in different forums and chats. Through you can also join a Local Hero-project. Local Hero is a method to help young people to make their own local drug-free activity/event. Another part of the web site is targeted to children and young people growing up in families with abuse problems. also has a page on Facebook.